What is ecoSTEM?

Mayfair Lab is focused on offering a rigorous academic program to our K-8 students.  Students are able to apply their knowledge in real-world problem solving through our ecoSTEM program. 

What is ecoSTEM? ecoSTEM explores current and future environmental problems and excites students about the possibilities while empowering them to be the change.  This initiative begins in the youngest grades with our K-2nd ecoSTEM sprouts and continues through middle school.


At Mayfair Lab, we are dedicated to helping the environment in as many ways as we can. Our focus on environmental studies allows students to explore ways to reduce environmental impact and cost, improve health and wellness, and increase sustainability of the environment.

Each grade level focuses on a project that is based on a current problem or interest at Mayfair Lab.  The projects are infused into the curriculum and allow students to apply academic concepts to real-life problem solving.


Want to know more? Contact the school at MayfairLab@ebrschools.org 

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