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Extra Curricular Activities

Mayfair Lab offers an assortment of school organized and family organized extra curricular activities. The list of activities and clubs are ever-changing depending on student interest and the skill sets of sponsors. 

In-school club days are offered at least monthly for our 4th - 8th grade students.  Some clubs meet during the in-school club days while others meet outside of the school day.


Peruse our list of current and recent offerings.  Interested in something that isn't listed here? We would love to hear your suggestions.  Email or speak with your homeroom teacher about your ideas.

Girl Scouts &
Boy Scouts

Magnet Ambassadors

Youth Legislature

Creative Connectors

Robotics Club

Yoga Club


Art Club

Dance Club

Service Stars

B.E.T.A. Club

Math Counts


Games, Games, Games

Spanish Club

Frisbee Club

Club of Invisibility (science & magic)

Wall Street of Mayfair

Pinterest Club

Soccer Club

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