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EBR Master Gardener
2023 School Garden Workshop

EBR Master Gardeners and Mayfair Lab School co-hosted a school garden workshop on September 20, 2023. The event was a huge success, and we thank our partners, donators, presenters, and attendees for their contributions.  


For reference, the slide decks from the presenters are linked below:


Keynote: "Leading With a Green Heart (and a Brown Thumb)"

Emily Hand, Mayfair Lab's Garden Coordinator

Weed & Pest Control in a School Garden

Bert Hammett, LSU AG Center Asst. Extension Agent


Ensuring Food Safety in School Gardens

James Porter, EBRSchools Regional Chef

Vegetable Gardening - School Gardens

David Breaux, Louisiana Master Gardener

Irrigation for Schools

Leo Broders, Louisiana Master Gardener

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