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Elementary (K-5) Schedule Update

Week one of virtual learning is done, and we are so proud of our students, their families, and our faculty. Everyone has put forth such great effort, and we are truly thankful.

Starting Monday, our elementary (Grades K-5) students and teachers will begin to follow a new schedule. The detailed schedules are each homeroom are available on our website. ( - Scroll down to the "Elementary Detailed Schedules" section on the Virtual Learning: Guidance and Expectations page.

The schedules will also be posted in the Google Classroom for each homeroom.

Included with each schedule is an explanation of the activities so everyone can keep track of when to log on and when to take those much needed screen time breaks. (This explanation page is also included in this post.) Thank you for the feedback you have offered as we navigate these waters together.

Let's have another great week! See you Monday!


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