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September Newsletter

Welcome to September, Mayfair Family and Friends! We had such a fun start to the school year during August. Between the orientations, the Solar Eclipse, PTA Open House, and PBIS kickoff at school, we are are pumped and ready to make the 2017-2018 school year the BEST YEAR EVER!

September is starting to fill up on calendar events.

Please make sure to mark these dates on your calendar:

September 12 Picture Day! Wear your best uniform and brightest smile!!

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Knock Knock Museum!

September 15 Snowballs day! Pay attention for more information to come!

September 16 PTA International Potluck! Click HERE for more info!

September 18 WMLS Tiger Cub News goes LIVE on YouTube! Make sure to subscribe to our

YouTube Channel to be alerted to our livestreams!

September 20 Early Dismissal: There will be NO Aftercare on this day! Please

make note that dismissal will be at 12:45!!!

PTA Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings! More Info

September 27 7th Grade Field Trip to Laser Tag of Baton Rouge!

September 29 PBIS Day at school 30 Paw Points is Extra Recess and 50 Paw Points is Superhero

Dress Up!

Please remember that dates and times are subject to change and we may be adding more events as the month progresses. Check our calendar on our website.


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