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PTA Popcorn Fundraiser

Mayfair Lab's PTA needs your help! Since they cannot have their normal PTA fundraisers, they found a fun and easy way to raise funds for the PTA.

So here's what's POPPING!!!! It's a popcorn flash sale...starting at noon Thursday (tomorrow!!) and running until noon Monday... It's so easy!!!

Download the Double Good app, put in our fundraising code LTV SUG and send the link to your store to family and friends...That's it. The PTA will get half of the proceeds and the popcorn is YUMMY!!!! So join us in downloading the Double Good app and getting ready to launch your sale Thursday. More info can be found below.

A Fundraising Event Has Been Scheduled

The fundraising Event Mayfair Lab PTA will begin on Thursday, Nov 19. Forward this email to your participants so they can get started.

Event Name Mayfair Lab PTA Event Code LTVSUG

Event Start Thursday Nov. 19 @ 12:00 PM CST Event End Monday Nov. 23 @ 12:00 PM CST

Double Good Pop-Up Store Fundraising 100% Online No need to ring doorbells or collect money. Purchases are made online form each participant's Pop-Up Store. 50% Profit No fees. No minimums. You earn 50% of what you sell. On average each participants sells $300. Zero Product to Handle Popcorn is made to order and ships to the doorstep of supporters, anywhere in the USA.

How to Get Started 1. Download the App Download the Double Good app from the App Store or Google Play store. 2. Join the fundraising Event Use the 6-Letter Event Code to join Mayfair Lab PTA. 3. Share Your Pop-Up Store When the Event begins, you'll have 4 days to share your Pop-Up Store link with family and friends using text, social media, and email.

Thanks, in advance, for your support. Your participation allows us to continue supporting our wonderful teachers and Mayfair Lab family.


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