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Action Needed for Full Virtual Opt In

If you wish for your K-5th grader to continue in the full virtual learning model option instead of the hybrid option, then you must opt in by filling out his form as soon as possible: The form is due by Sept. 8th.

We ask for your responses as soon as possible as safety is our priority.

The sooner we know how many students will be utilizing the full virtual option, then the sooner we can balance our homeroom rosters for students who will be returning to campus through the hybrid learning model.

Please note that this form is a new form that was released Sept. 1st. If you had opted into virtual learning model through a form before Sept. 1st and you wish to continue in the virtual learning model, then you must fill out this new form.

Also, we know that you need more information regarding the schedules and learning modalities that will be offered in each setting. We plan to release more information tomorrow afternoon after we finalize decisions with the school district officials. Stay tuned, and thank you for sticking with us.

If you have questions, please call the school office (761-7849). Thank you for your swift responses.


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