Meet The Third Grade Teachers

Latasha Robinson

Math & Science Instructor

Michele Fraser

Math & Science Associate

Jane Noble

Reading & S.S. Instructor

Reading & S.S. Associate


Reading and Social Studies

By the end of third grade, students will be able to form and express their opinions on a wide variety of subject matter in well organized essays.  My name is Jean Edwards and I have the privilege of teaching ELA, Reading and Social Studies to all of our third graders.  During the academic year, students go from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."  We will develop their natural curiosities, and guide them in expressing thoughts and organizing information from a variety of sources.  As well, we will explore the diverse and intriguing history of Louisiana by following the timeline of all who contributed to our culture.  In all areas, we will engage in discussions based on high quality novels, as students gain confidence in their own thought processes and written expression. 

Math and Science

This year we will continue our journey as mathematicians and scientists. As we move through the year, your student will be challenged to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. We will become masters of multiplication and division properties. Students will also develop a deep understanding of concepts related to fractions, area, and perimeter.  In science, we will learn about the world we live in, including, the difference between climate and weather, natural hazards and how we can reduce its impact, how organisms change to survive over time, the diverse plant and animal life cycles, the habitats and ecosystems we live in, and how forces effect motion. Be prepared for group learning experiences, garden work, investigations, mathematical talks, home projects, field trips, and lots of fun! Take a good long look at your child because you will definitely see them in a different light by the end of third grade.

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