Meet The Second Grade Teachers

Brittany Christy

Dr. Julie Parrish

English and S.S.


Morgan Merriman

Cherie Masterson

Math and Science


Math and Science


English and S.S.



In second grade we are thinkers, investigators, readers, and problem solvers.  We learn independence and responsibility.  We learn to contribute to the community and that each individual has a role to play.


We learn that mistakes are starting places for learning and to always strive for our best.  


In second grade, we will learn to analyze texts and engage in discussions.  We will support ideas with evidence from the text and will make generalizations across the text. 


In second grade, we will develop number sense that allows us to think about numbers as parts and wholes. 

We will master addition and subtraction while laying the foundations for multiplication and division.

In second grade, we will discover more about the world around us.  We will explore matter, ecosystems, and Earth’s systems.  We will pretend to be pioneers and notable individuals.  We will create a living wax museum and solve erosion problems.


In second grade, we will make friendships and memories that last a lifetime.


Welcome to second grade!

We are excited to be your guides!

Ms. Merriman, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. Masterson, and Mrs. Montz

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