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Mayfair is an academic magnet with real-world application through our ecoSTEM program.


Mayfair’s mission is to facilitate nurturing learning environments that promote communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity while inspiring a passion for sustainability, health and wellness, and reduced environmental impact.


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Please give us a call and set up a tour with our Magnet Site Coordinator, Emily Hand. 


9880 Hyacinth Avenue

Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225)761-7849

Mayfair Laboratory School is a unique partnership between the East Baton Rouge School System and the University Laboratory School at LSU. It was created in 2013 as a K-3 lab school, with plans to add a grade level each subsequent year through 8th grade in the year 2019. The partnership between ULS and MLS came into being when it was questioned whether a lab school would perform well in a public school setting. University High has traditionally been recognized as one of the highest performing schools in the state. 

Our Educational Philosophy

Mayfair Lab follows the model of organization and instruction currently in place at the University Lab School. We emphasize rigorous instruction that allows students to perform at their highest levels. In grades K-3, each classroom has two teachers: an instructor with a Master degree and an associate with at least a Bachelor degree. In grades 4-5, there are two instructors and one associate per grade level. Our dual teacher model in the elementary grades allows instruction to meet the students' needs with intervention and acceleration.


We offer high school credit courses in middle school in the following courses:

  • Algebra I

  • Physical Science

  • World Geography

  • Quest

  • Robotics

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Tel: 225-761-7849

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9880 Hyacinth Avenue

Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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